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Let’s Go Shopping!

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Last month, after twenty-five years of faithful service, the windows in our house needed replacing.  Rather than trudge from showroom to showroom, I opted to have an in-home consultation by a local remodeling company.  It was great to sit in the comfort of my living room with the samples spread out all over the floor.

Once they were installed, the shades no longer fit because of the new window casings.  My husband immediately went off in search of his tools to “make the darn things fit”.  That was when the ah-ha moment hit. I did not need to stress about making them fit, I could get new blinds!  Another call, another in-home consultation, and two weeks later the new blinds were up.

After a weekend of staring at them, I now realize that the drapes no longer match the squeaky-clean windows and the sparkling new blinds.  Finding replacements are on my to-do list for this week.  Once they are up, I know what is going to follow.  Paint will need to be changed and furniture will be rearranged or replaced. After that, who know what will come next.

Has this sort of thing happened to you?  Have you changed one thing and suddenly found yourself knee-deep in a complete home renovation? More importantly, do you find the process a curse or an adventure?


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