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How Do You Like Your Men?

Today I thought I’d talk about the different types of men that we find in our romance novels. Basically, there are three types – the Alpha, the Beta, and the Omega – and what type the hero is definitely sets the tone of the story. That said, let’s dive in and see who our heroes are.

The Alpha Male
The alpha man is confident in his abilities. He’s powerful, assertive, masterful, and superior. This man is somewhat ruthless, and perhaps a touch dangerous; he is a bad boy and loves it. There is no soft side to this kind of man, making him the quintessential male character in romance writing. Pirates, rogues, and historical characters are usually alphas.

The Omega Man
If the alpha male is the toughest and strongest,  then the omega male is his less rough-around-the-edges version. He knows he’s all the things that makes an alpha but in a quiet, more subtle way. Omega men have no desire to belong to a group or to be a leader of a group. He does need support occasionally, but he has only one or two good friends that he will call upon for that help. Omega men tend to shun shallow acquaintances, and quietly seek out who and what they want in life.

The Beta Male
A beta male is good looking, charming, afable, and a family type of guy who has lots of friends (think Ashley Wilkes of  “Gone with the Wind”). Betas don’t enjoy confrontation, but won’t back down from one either. An Alpha would relish a confrontation while this man would meet the challenge head on with an even temper. He is also considered practical, down to Earth, and has a great sense of humor.

Now let’s have some fun. Name your very favorite book and tell me if the hero is alpha, beta, or omega and why you fell in love with him.


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