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Online Dating?

A couple dating in a cafe.

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Online dating is all the rage, it seems.  You cannot turn on the TV without seeing a commercial for a dating service, all of them guaranteeing to match you to someone with whom you would be happy to spend the rest of your life.

It reminds me of the “good old days” when a grandmother or a favorite aunt announced they knew someone who knew someone who had a son/daughter and wouldn’t it be nice if you went to a movie together.  Thankfully, I never had to endure that situation, but a great many of my friends did. In a word – disaster.

But it did start me thinking.  Would one of these mystical magical services have matched me with my husband, my soulmate for the last thirty-four years? Would he have picked me out of all the possible matches to his so-called compatibility profile?

So I broached the subject over dinner the other night.  Without even looking up from his plate, he gave an amused snort and said, “I doubt it. We have absolutely nothing in common … except that we are perfect for each other.”

True pearls of wisdom from the poet laureate of New Jersey.

I do agree with him, however.  I always have and always will believe that love is love and it will always find its perfect match if you let it.  If you make things such as money or good looks your main criteria for finding a mate, you will end up hurt or alone. 


If You Write It, They Will Come

Pile of Books in Prague Library

But will they stay until the last page?

Most of the time I buy a book because: a) it was on a Best Seller list; b) it was recommended by someone on TV or radio; c) it was recommended by a friend.  Unfortunately, a lot of those times I was disappointed by the story and tossed the book into my “to be finished much, much later” pile.  This doesn’t mean I have anything against the author, it just means I have different taste.  I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way about my books.

Do you finish all the books you start reading? Inquiring minds want to know.


Yesterday I was given a priceless gift by a very dear friend.

The day started badly and remained that way until I got home and checked the mail. My friend Rose, who is more like a sister than a friend to me after all the years we’ve known each other, sent me a card.  It was one of those generic kind of Hallmark cards that allows you to write your own greeting, and inside her granddaughter had written: “Can’t wait to see you on TV!”. To this, Rose had added: “She’s telling all her friends about you and she wishes she was old enough to read your books.”

I stared at those words for a long time, speechless. And then I cried. It was one of those MasterCard moments – priceless. But the more priceless gift is my friendship with Rose and her family. I hope each one of you has at least one friend whose friendship is beyond price. I have several and count myself a very lucky woman, indeed.

What are your priceless possessions? Is it a child’s artwork, a handwritten note, an old loveletter, a photograph from a special moment? Has anyone ever given you something priceless that you will carry with you throughout your life? What are some priceless acts of friendship you’ve done or received?

Coming to You from Sunny Florida

I am in Florida right now, Boca Raton to be exact, on a combination vacation-slash-book tour. The wonderful folks at The Balancing Act (Lifetime TV morning talk show) have invited me here to talk about my current novel Once Upon a Moscow Night, and to give a few hints about my new work in progress.

Sure, I publicize my books every chance I get. Anyone who looks as if they might like a good romance novel and who stands still long enough is going to get a sales pitch, but to do it on national television is a first for me.

For days after contracting to the interview, I was like a little kid on Christmas morning. A goofy grin was my constant expression, and all I could think or do was related to my appearance on TV.

Then came the period of “Okay, let’s get it done already.” I counted the days, planned out the details of my trip (and the real vacation I haven’t had in way too many months), and become quite droll about the whole thing.

Then, as soon as I started on my trek south, the little kid was back. Every mile brought me closer to that Christmas morning feeling once again. And, as tired as I was when I arrived at the hotel, you guessed it – I couldn’t sleep a wink.

Sun and fun has not dampened the thrill of my impending interview. The calls from the production staff about logistics and suggested wardrobes have kept my level of excitement at a super high.

And now it’s the final countdown … just a few more hours until I step in front of the cameras.

I’ll need another vacation after all of this to come back to earth!

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