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The No-Fail Way to Make Me Roll My Eyes

Miss Parks at Madison Sq. (LOC)

What makes me roll my eyes, pull out my hair, and make me want to scream? The twenty-something females who insist on beginning and ending every sentence with the word “like”.

Out of boredom one day on the train, I counted the number of times the dreaded word was used in a conversation beween two of these likers. During the twenty minute trip, there were thirty-six likes for one and an astounding forty-two for the other. This did not include the ums and the you knows that were used in conjunction with likes.

Perhaps it is my past life as an educator in the English language arts, or my current profession as a writer, but such poor speaking skills make me wonder where the great orators of future generations will come from. Will a Senator one day be heard saying on CNN: “Um, you know, like, we really need this bill passed for the good of the like whole country.”?

Seriously, if you need a moment to gather your thoughts before making your next statement, try silence. It will definitely give the impression of some intelligence rather than like-like-like-liking your way through life.


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