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Don’t hate me but …

We women tend to be very conscious of our age at different stages of our lives. When we’re young, we want to be older and therefore more mature. When we reach “a certain age” we want to be younger.

One Red Rose
I have the unique dilemma of looking pretty much the same ever since I was in college.Back then, I was able to get into bars and clubs without showing ID; which made it a real downer when I actually turned the legal age and was eager to prove I was old enough. No one asked me, and I never had to lie.

Since then, my face (thanks to some excellent genes) has not aged all that much. Even now that I have reached that magical “certain age”, When someone shaves ten years off the birth certificate, I simply smile and tell them the truth. Why should I lie? It doesn’t make me feel any younger (or older). I am who I am, and I wouldn’t change anything about me.

So what’s my real age? Those of you who know me personally know the truth, and for the rest of you, well … keep guessing 😉


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