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Can Love Really Survive All Things?

After having spent her entire lifetime pining away for all things Russian, Kate Barnes finally gets the chance to visit the storied land of her dreams. While on vacation in Moscow, Kate runs into the wealthy, distinguished Viktor Cherkasov – and much to the surprise of both of them, they soon fall deeply in love; however, with only ten days before Kate returns home – and Viktor’s son, Alexei, determined to keep them apart – can the two fated lovers overcome the obstacles threatening to sever their burgeoning bond…?

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Online Dating?

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Online dating is all the rage, it seems.  You cannot turn on the TV without seeing a commercial for a dating service, all of them guaranteeing to match you to someone with whom you would be happy to spend the rest of your life.

It reminds me of the “good old days” when a grandmother or a favorite aunt announced they knew someone who knew someone who had a son/daughter and wouldn’t it be nice if you went to a movie together.  Thankfully, I never had to endure that situation, but a great many of my friends did. In a word – disaster.

But it did start me thinking.  Would one of these mystical magical services have matched me with my husband, my soulmate for the last thirty-four years? Would he have picked me out of all the possible matches to his so-called compatibility profile?

So I broached the subject over dinner the other night.  Without even looking up from his plate, he gave an amused snort and said, “I doubt it. We have absolutely nothing in common … except that we are perfect for each other.”

True pearls of wisdom from the poet laureate of New Jersey.

I do agree with him, however.  I always have and always will believe that love is love and it will always find its perfect match if you let it.  If you make things such as money or good looks your main criteria for finding a mate, you will end up hurt or alone. 

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Fingerprint of Fate

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Have you ever met someone you knew you could love forever but you never got the chance to say it? Or perhaps that someone special is not who they appear to be. Everything is a simple twist of Fate.

Follow the lives of five couples as they find their way on this winding path. The journey begins with Another Love Will Find Us. Jack and Annie meet one rainy afternoon and find that you can miss out on a chance for love if you are too cautious.

During the month of July, Taps will make its debut. Brooke meets Chris while they are in Paris. The secrets he harbors could bring their romance to an abrupt end, so he hides the truth in hope that love can really conquer all things.

In If It Takes Forever, Taye loses his heart to Cassie. Can he make her see beyond the dangerous life he leads to see the man he really is?

On the last day of her vacation, the paths of Jessie and Liam cross. Forty Shades of Green tells story of their long distance romance and the obstacles they have to overcome along the way.

Madison learns that being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have a very unusual result in Upon a Midnight Clear.

And don’t worry if you miss a part of your favorite story, the entire So Close collection will be available as an eBook late 2012.

Romanticism versus Romance Novels

Interestingly enough, the modern romance novel is not Romantic in the proper sense of the word.

Much like the word Liberal, the word Romance has decayed from its original meaning to encompass something virtually anathemic to its originators.

The Romantic movement is the idealization of emotion, desire, and freedom from constraint.  It places an extraordinary value on the world we live in, and most importantly our reactions to that world.  This is embodied in a love of nature, a love of passion, a love of love.  On the surface, this could really seem to indicate a commonality.  After all, aren’t romance novels about love?

The problem is, romance novels aren’t at all about freedom from constraint, but a surrender to it.  The most important literary figure of the romantic movement is the Byronic Hero.  The Byronic Hero is a flawed, chaotic being, a sort of fatal force that compels people toward the reckless, the freeing.  By his very definition the Byronic Hero is also doomed, unable to change or redeem himself from his most fundamental flaws.  This is what makes him Romantic, the ability to be himself despite all surrounding impulse, good or bad.  There can be no happily ever after for the Byronic Hero, and yet that’s what the modern romance novel demands of him.

The modern romance is about taming the wild heart.  Pick up any romance book with some sort of warrior on the cover, and see how soon it asks ‘can she tame him’ or something of like mind.  Next, go to any publisher of romantic books, and see how long you can go until they insist on a HEA (happily ever after) or at the very least a HFN (happy for now).

Of course language changes over time, and I don’t begrudge it.  But all the same, there is a value in remembering where our words have come from.  So next time you consider picking up a romance novel, perhaps consider also finding a good Romantic one.

A Thousand Words of Love

My Love, you know that I am not always clever with words. I have always relied on your easy, warm and understanding smile. But just this once I want to tell you that I love you like no one has ever told you before. There is a much greater motivation than simply my spoken words. For me, to love is to commit myself freely and without reservation. I am sincerely interested in your happiness and well-being. Whatever your needs are, I will try to fulfill them and will bend in my values depending upon the importance of your need. If you are lonely and need me, I will be there. If in that loneliness you need to talk, I will listen. If you need to listen, I will talk to you. If you need the strength of touch, I will touch you. If you need to be held, I will hold you. I will lie next to you if that is your need. If you need fulfillment of the flesh, I will give you that also. I will try to be constant with you so that you will understand the core of my personality and from that understanding gain the strength of security that I am acting as me. I, on occasion, may falter in my moods. I may project, at times, a strangeness that is alien to you, which may bewilder or even frighten you. There will be times when you may question my motives. But because people are never constant and are as changeable as the seasons, I will try to build up within you a faith in my fundamental attitude and show you that my inconsistency is only for a moment and is not a lasting part of me. I will show you love now. Each and every day, for every day is a lifetime. Every day that we live, we learn more how to love. I will not defer in my love, nor neglect it, for if I wait until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. It is like a cloud in the sky, passing quickly by. If I give you kindness and understanding, then I receive your faith. If I give you hate and dishonesty, I will receive your distrust. If I give you fear and am afraid, you will become afraid and fear me. I will give you what you need to receive. To what degree I give my love is determined by my past and by my understanding of truth and love. My understanding is determined by my parents, friends, and places I have been. All experiences that have been fed into my mind from living. I will give you as much love as I can. If you show me how to give more, then I will give you more. I can only give as much love as you need to receive or allow me to give. If you receive all that I can give, then my love is endless and fulfilled. I must give all that I am capable of giving. Love is universal. Love is the movement of life. All things in life I find beautiful. No human being or society has the right to condemn any kind of love I feel or my way of expressing it. If I am sincere, sincerity being the honest realization of myself and there is no hurt or pain intentionally involved in my life or any life mine touches. I want to become a truly loving spirit. Let my words, when I speak, become a restoration of your soul. And when speech is silent, let my passion project a depth of sensitivity. When I touch you, when I kiss you, when I hold you, or when I love you, I am saying a thousand words.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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