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And the Winner Is …

Academy Award

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It’s Oscar time again.  I know of very few people who will not be sitting on the edge of their seats this Sunday, glued to their TV sets.  Some will watch, eager to see the fashions that will grace the red carpet.  Others will endure the endless speeches of gratitude, waiting to hear who wins the Best Picture award.

I’ve seen only two of this year’s contenders. 

I had to see War Horse because I had enjoyed the Lincoln Center production so much.  There is much to be said for movie magic, but I thought that much of the drama of the play was lost in the sweeping cinematography.  Not to mention that the actors who portrayed the horses in the stage play stole the show.  Still, the movie did have its high points.  There was no mistaking the  Steven Spielberg touch.

The other movie was The Help.  The book was great, the movie did it justice.  It was a wonderful commentary on the world that was the South the in 60’s.  And funny as all you-know-what for those of us who grew up during that time and understood the inside jokes.  What more is there to say?

What are your favorites for the top honor this year? Inquiring minds want to know.


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