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Music Mania

guilt's tune.

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We just got our tickets to see Jimmy Buffet at Jones Beach Theater.  While I cannot be considered a true “parrothead”, I have always enjoyed his music.  It brings to mind the sandy beaches and lazy days of summer.  Some of my favorite songs are: Margaritaville (who doesn’t love this song), It’s Five O’clock Somewhere, and (my personal favorite) L’Air de la Louisiane.

It also brings to mind some of the great performers I’ve seen over the years.  I can recall being smashed up against the fence and surrounded by a million screaming girls when the Beatles first landed at Idlewild Airport (now JFK).  That would have been enough, but I also got to see them play at Shea Stadium (now Citi Field).

Then, of course, there was Elvis at Madison Square Garden.  Be still my heart and need I say more.  It was a night I will never forget.

And what of the performers I never saw in person?  There are so many, but the ones I most regret not seeing are Barbra Streisand, the Grateful Dead, and Pavarotti. An eclectic mix, no?  But that is how my taste in music goes.  I like everything from classical to heavy metal.

Do you have a favorite singer or band that you would give anything to see? Inquiring minds want to know.


Cheer-Me-Up Music

The Cowsills and The Beach Boys

My taste in music is eclectic; I’ll listen to anything from Metal to Mozart. When I’m feeling down, though, I always listen to music from the 50’s and 60’s. There is something about the upbeat rhythms of that era that gets my toe tapping and lifts my spirits to the point where I forget what was bothering me.


My Playlist for the One I Love

Music is the window of the soul. What you listen to tells others your mood, how you feel about things around you, and how you feel about them. Although we are often playful and enjoy all types of music, this playlist says it all when it comes to the relationship that my husband and I have – even after all the years we’ve been together.

What songs would you choose for your playlist?

the story of my life by neil diamond

Need I say more


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