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Fast Food

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I must admit that I am a little spoiled.  Where I work in midtown Manhattan, there are at least three of every type of restaurant and deli.  You can grab a quick meal to eat in one of the public spaces on a sunny afternoon, or you can dine in luxury with an entire wait staff at your beck and call.

My favorite lunch, though, is the street food.  The lunch trucks that occupy every corner for blocks around offer such treats as bagels and coffee, gyros, Middle eastern, and South-of-the-Border.  Quite a few of them have been named in Zagats 2011 (and proudly display that fact on the side of the wagon).

Street food was not born here, but it was certainly thrown into the limelight and taken to new heights here.  With very few exceptions, it wasn’t until a few years ago that all I could purchase from a street vendor outside of New York was a hot dog, a sandwich, or perhaps a burrito. 

Things have certainly changed since then.  The Food Network has an entire show dedicated to the street food vendor, and the types of food being served has expanded exponentially.  I think it’s great!  Now I can sample a new dish without committing a lot of time or money to it. And, if I happen not to like it all that much, there is always someone at my office who is willing to take it off my hands.

Everyone has a favorite street food.  Mine happens to be the grilled chicken and rice with yogurt and hot sauce from the truck on 54th Street.  I don’t know what they do to it, but is far superior to anything I have ever cooked at home.  Some days, when at a loss as to what to cook for dinner, I bring a couple of dishes home (and hope I don’t get mugged for it on the train).

Do you have a favorite street food? Inquiring minds want to know.


Hurry Spring

I writing to you from snowy New Jersey, where we are still digging out from seventeen inches of snow. There is another round due to hit us this weekend; just two inches, they tell us, but it is snow jut the same. And yes, another major storm is coming on Wednesday. All I can say is Punxsutawney Phil better not see his shadow next week because I am definitely ready for spring.

Ah, spring! When the snow melts … if it ever melts … it will allow us to witness the soft greens of new grass, the hints of color as the first flowers come to life. I cannot wait for the cherry blossoms. Delicate pink, they are the lacy dressing to trees that have been barren for so many months. Carried on a breeze, they fill the sky with confetti that celebrates the end of winter and wakes the other plants from hibernation.

The forsythia quickly follow, bright yellow for a few weeks before turning green for the summer. Daffodils and tulips are joined by the azalea.  This glorious riot of color lasts for too short a time, teasing us, whetting our appetites for the colors of summer.

As an avid gardener, I look forward to spring. In past years, I have had too few hours to devote to my garden, but this year I will have more time to plant my little treasures. Nothing spectacular like my neighbor who has a Better Homes and Gardens yard that is the envy of the street, but enough for me to enjoy while sipping iced tea on warm summer afternoons.

Mother Nature, whatever temper tantrum you are having right now, please get over it so that spring can come on time and in all its glory. I, for one, have had enough of the cold!

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