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Romance for the Real World?

What’s wrong with wanting to write a real romance story? 

I have been writing them since I was in the fifth grade (the usual tween story about first love back then, of course).  Nowadays, I write the sort of romance story where a person can really see herself as the heroine. I call it “Romance for the Real World”.

I can hear my publisher groan every time I send in a manuscript. They dutifully read it and then remind me that if I want to be famous I should write what is popular right now. Sorry, I tell them, I don’t write like that. Eventually, after much haggling, they begrudgingly agree to sign a contract.

Now, I have nothing against paranormal, erotica, historical, or any other genre. I read and enjoy them all! I just believe that there are readers who look for more realism in the story. 

Like my new novel, Before the Applause. It is a prequel to my first novel, Macy, telling the story of a nine-year-old girl who has been on the receiving end of her father’s temper and abuse too many times. Young Johnny McElroo, who becomes her guardian, takes her in after she escapes from her father’s clutches. Together, they embark on an unforgettable journey to new beginnings where they find their wishes all come true.

It takes just as much if not more to write a romance novel that touches on real life, more than a purely fictional novel. I found it very difficult to write some of the early scenes (my keyboard has tearstains to prove it).  But, if the women who write this brand of story face criticism for not writing a more popular romance novel, we will accept that criticism and keep on writing it as long as people keep reading it.


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