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ReFashioned Fashion

Red polka dots on a yellow background

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I just caught a glimpse of the fall fashions in a magazine and it looks as if polka dots will be the rage.

I recall wearing a bright orange and red polka dot dress years ago.  How funny that women today think that polka dots are a new and fresh idea.  If only they knew that every fashion conscious girl in the 60’s had at least one such dress in her closet.  It was the same thing a few years back with tie-dyed tee shirts.  My mom cursed me for months for ruining the washing machine with my attempts at tie-dye.  The same goes for miniskirts,  maxiskirts, the military look, skin-tight jeans, short shorts, and shift dresses.  I wore them all before  and now I can wear them all again, thanks to refashioned fashions.

What was your favorite fashion “blast from the past” that has made a recent comeback? Would you wear it again?


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