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Star Light, Star Bright

Pleiades Star Cluster

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Now that the days are growing shorter, I find myself leaving for work in the dark and returning home in the dark.   There is a bright side (excuse the pun) to the shorter days, however.  It gives me a chance to cast my eyes upward and gaze at the stars.

I am lucky enough to be far enough in the suburbs that I can actually see the stars from my garden without the interference of streetlights.  Not an astronomer in any sense of the word, I am still able to pick out a few of the major constellations – enough of the to make my junior high school science teachers proud.

Seeing the multitude of twinkling lights overhead never fails to fill me with awe.  How beautiful they are!  I look at them and wonder how many more worlds like our own or out there.  Will we ever get to see those worlds?  Are beings on those worlds looking up at the sky right now and thinking the exact same thing?

And what better place to sit and hold hands with the one you love than under a brilliant canopy of stars!  It is the perfect time to reminisce and to dream.

Fellow stargazers and dreamers, share your favorite place to look at the stars with us.


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