About the Woman Behind the Blog

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My first stories of adventure and fantasy worlds soon gave way to cute little love stories scribbled into composition notebooks that I shared with my friends. Some of those notebooks are still buried in the back of my closet to this day.

The idea of getting one of these stories published did not occur to me until years later when, on a whim, I sent the manuscript of a story that was near and dear to my heart to scores of publishers. After many rejections, viola, I was at last a published author.

Although I’m a sucker for a sappy fairytale with a Disney ending, I write novels with a good dose of real situations between the covers. Writing this way allows the reader to believe that the story could actually happen to them, and has earned a niche for me in the world of romance novels.

I’ve been married for several years to my very own romantic hero who provides a great deal of inspiration for my male characters. A proud native New Yorker, I now call New Jersey home, and I juggle a full-time career with writing novels to keep the days both interesting and hectic.

I am also a proud member of the Shadow Forest Authors, putting books into the hands of those who would otherwise have limited or no access to literature.


Comments on: "About the Woman Behind the Blog" (2)

  1. Barbara Maufas said:

    Hi, Judith … hope this is still an active site….. your beautiful Valentine’s poem ‘A Thousand Words of Love’…. what year did you pen that?

    Several years ago, I received a copy of a portion of it in a framed heart for Valentine’s day, and, after 15 years of moving, I recently came across it. It’s still a beautiful poem that speaks to the heart!


    Barb M

    • Judith McGuinness said:

      Thank you for stopping by, Barbara,

      I wrote that for my then boyfriend (now hubs), so it has to be at least 38 years old – maybe more. I haven’t been blogging much as I’m busy writing my next novel and it is consuming all of my time, but I’ll be posting again soon.


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