I’ve Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher. A classic.  It’s also one of the songs I will always sing along with no matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing.  I’ve gotten some very strange looks from other drivers as I drive along, windows wide open and stereo blasting, and me singing at the top of my voice.

No song I hear today seems to elicit memories like that song.  It was, at least in my opinion, the first real pop love song.  Everything else, including love songs by (sigh) Elvis, were mellow, dreamy, turn down the lights and slow dance love songs.  But I’ve Got You Babe wasn’t like that.  It was the love song of youth proudly proclaiming that they would stick together no matter what others thought of them.

It’s the kind of music we need more of today.

Now, everyone sing along with me.


Comments on: "What Song Do You Always Have to Sing Along To?" (3)

  1. Judith, they were good together. Love songs from this era, Yesterday is a favorite, also Neil Diamond had great songs to sing to. Thank you for good memories! Hugs, Agatha

    • Judith McGuinness said:

      I love Neil Diamond, too, but his love songs were more of the “crooner” type. I do sing along with them, but not with the gusto I do this one.

      • Judith, Your right, I have keep your e-mail with Sonny an d Cher, just to listen to this week, but if I hear Kentucky Woman I always crank it up also.,I am not from Kentucky but love the song and I am I Said! There are so many fro the seventies and eighties we can still know all the words and will crank it up. I thank you for distracting me with your postings, love reading them. Take care , Agatha

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