Summer Coolers

A glass of sweet tea

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It’s 130 degrees in the shade today without a breeze in sight.

All right, I’m exaggerating … it’s only 97 degrees.  As I walk along the streets of Manhattan, I cannot help but see everyone sipping away at their morning beverage.  Most are of the Starbucks variety with a fair number of Dunkin’ Donuts mixed in, and all of them are iced coffee. 

Doesn’t anyone drink iced tea anymore? 

Don’t get me wrong, coffee – hot or iced – is nice, but give me a tall glass of sweet tea to beat the heat any time.  There is just something about it that makes me cool and relaxed.  It makes me think of lazy afternoons lounging in the garden (or air-conditioned house) without a care in the world.

What is your favorite summer beverage? Coffee, tea, or something else? Inquiring minds want to know.


Comments on: "Summer Coolers" (3)

  1. Iced tea, have a pitcher in refrigerator. People in Manhattan, may be employe and can afford those drinks. nut not everyone can. I make my own coffee at home same as everything else. Once in awhile I can afford something out, but it is not coffee and tea!

    • Judith McGuinness said:

      I happen to like my brand of tea, so I always make my own. Barry’s Irish Breakfast Tea. It’s so much better than Lipton’s.

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