Pile of Books in Prague Library

But will they stay until the last page?

Most of the time I buy a book because: a) it was on a Best Seller list; b) it was recommended by someone on TV or radio; c) it was recommended by a friend.  Unfortunately, a lot of those times I was disappointed by the story and tossed the book into my “to be finished much, much later” pile.  This doesn’t mean I have anything against the author, it just means I have different taste.  I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way about my books.

Do you finish all the books you start reading? Inquiring minds want to know.


Comments on: "If You Write It, They Will Come" (5)

  1. That’s why there’s such a plethora of books!!! The challenge is to find the ones that speak to you. So many authors found a magic formula with a first or early book and then just write the same one over and over with cosmetic variations. If you feel compelled to finish a less than fascinating story because you need to know how it ends, then that story has captured your interest to a significant extent. I was intrigued by Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell – another instance of divergent tastes. What I find seriously offputting are typos, errors in spelling and lack of connectors in what should be a logical progression of thought or plot. Again, sloppy writing and editing.

    • Judith McGuinness said:

      I totally agree. That has been the problem with most books I pick up. I love the first in the series, and then the rest are just carbon copies with slight variations. I try to make my books stand-alones, although I gave in to fan pressure to do a prequel to my first novel.

  2. I haven’t always finished a book but I go far in to it to see how it develops. I usually read a sample of book if possible. I have to connect with characters. Something must click.

  3. Most of the books that I start I actually finish. At the same time, I don’t buy bestsellers normally, because they don’t generally suit my tastes. I take recommendations from people who know what I look for in a book. One of my biggest pet peeves is that I hate reading a book where the editors slacked off and the author can’t string together coherent sentences.

  4. I hate not finishing a book; even one I actively dislike I will persevere with because I don’t like not knowing what happens.

    That said, there have been some that I hated so much that I couldn’t finish, and some of them came very highly recommended. Jonathon Strange and Mr Norris, for example, or anything by James Joyce (I was so disappointed with myself for not being able to finish the first one that I tried again, but, alas, to no avail).

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