My Favorite Celebrity

Hands down, my favorite celebrity is the actor Alan Rickman. He is without a doubt most well-known for his stellar performances in the Harry Potter movies, but Alan RIckman is so much more.

Some actors play the same type of role over and over, but Alan Rickman has played them all. He has starred in movies as the evil bad guy (Die Hard), wooed the heroine (Sense and Sensibility), been the comic relief (Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves), and even the sidekick (The January Man). He has also done theater – fantastically, I might add, as well as written and directed.

What makes him my favorite celebrity, though, is that he has never gotten the swelled head of so many other actors. Quiet and always proper, he keeps his private life simple and never makes headlines for his bad-boy exploits. That is what makes Alan Rickman the epitome of what a celebrity should be.

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