My Dating Deal Breakers

Thanks to Mr. Right (Mr. McGuinness, actually), it’s been a while since I’ve been on a date, but here are five things that were sure to bring my evenings to a swift and permanent end.

Pretending to be who you are not
When I was dating, the worst thing a guy could do was try to be someone he wasn’t. Be yourself, that’s who I’m going to get in the end if the date turns into something serious.

Showing off
Don’t try to impress me by ordering the most expensive wine on the list – especially when it won’t go at all with the meal we’re having. Don’t tell me about the new car you bought (I’ll see it later when you drive me home), the school you attended (so what if you went Ivy League, it doesn’t make you a better person), or that you have your shirts hand-tailored (maybe I should date your shirt).

I’m not against smoking, some of my best friends smoke. Just don’t do it in my face. Take it outside (and especially out of the car) gives me the chance to powder my nose and fix my lipstick.

A smooth talker
While on the dating circuit, nothing turned me off faster than a guy with a smooth line. It reminded me of the stereotyped slick used car salesman.

A gambler
Used to know one, glad we went our separate ways. There is nothing on this earth worse than playing second fiddle on a date to the (fill in the sport) game on the TV.

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