Ghost Encounters

Smoke Tinged Halloween Moon

Everyone has experienced some sort of paranormal … something. A dream that seems to foretell the future, a feeling that something is about to happen. We may laugh at it, after the fact, but a great many of us do pause and reflect int he moment when it happens. So it is with ghosts.

Ninety-percent of the religions on this planet subscribe to the notion that every being has a spirit – a soul, if you will – that leaves the body upon death to journey to whatever afterlife it believes in. Perhaps that spirit lingers a bit so that it can take one last look around before making the journey. And if you happen to be in the vicinity, you just might be lucky enough to experience the energy of that spirit.

Okay, start laughing at me if you like, and tell me that it's all smoke and mirrors put out there by people who want to make a dollar off the saps who believe in the supernatural. Sure, there are reality TV shows, haunted castles and homes all around the world where you can spend your vacation, and even midnight cemetery tours. How can an educated person believe in them?

What I do believe is the overwhelming push to do something I had no intention of doing, or the calming presence that wraps itself around me in moments of sorrow. Do I believe in ghosts? The question should be, why do you not believe in them?

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