[St. Stephen’s Green Park, Dublin. County Dublin, Ireland] (LOC)

My dream vacation is actually a dream that came true, and I relive it every day. That’s because I met my husband while I was on vacation.

I wasn’t supposed to go to Ireland; I had planned on spending a week in Spain. I had paid for the tickets and everything. But then, one night I saw one of those commercials for Irish Spring soap on TV and I had an overwhelming desire to go to the land of jigs and brogues and cabled sweaters.

Needless to say, it was a chore to change all my travel arrangements, but it was worth it. The country was beautiful, the culture was charming, and the pubs were … fantastic.

On my last night of what had been the best vacation I had ever taken, a man walked into the pub where I was feeding my new addiction to Guinness Stout. I caught a glimpse of him standing at the door where he was staring at me. All of a sudden, he pushed his way through the crowd to my table and asked if he could buy me a drink (even though my glass was still full). I hate being hit on in bars, and had turned away several other young men that night, but I looked up at him and said “I’d like that.” It was like a scene from a movie and I knew in that moment he was the love of my life.

Twenty-five years later, he is still the most romantic man in the world who can sweep me off my feet with a smile. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a vacation I was not supposed to take turned from a dream into reality.

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