Writer’s Digest Book Shipment

A month, or even two, without the internet would give me the chance to do some seriously uninterrupted writing and meet my deadlines with time to spare. Not that I don’t work well under pressure; sometimes I thrive on it and get some of my best ideas because of it, but it would be nice to do things at a more leisurely pace once in a while.

Even at the most frenetic pace, however, if you have a story that is living inside your heart that needs to be told, it will come out. Perhaps not in the correct order (I’ve been known to write the end of a story first and work backwards on occasion) but it will eventually wind up on paper. I’ve worked with young writers who struggle to get every word perfect the first time and then become frustrated when they lose a thought because of this strive for perfection. Hey, that’s what the editing process is all about!

But I digress. Could I live without the internet for a month? Mostly definitely yes! The question is, can you?


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