Change of Seasons

Where did the summer go?

It seems like only yesterday that I was looking at the calendar and counting the days until I could pack away the sweaters and break out the sunscreen. Mother Nature decided not to cooperate and, instead of sending summer, sent the rainy season instead.

Dreary days followed one after the other and an umbrella took up permanent residence in my briefcase. Don’t get me wrong, there were some sunny days mixed in, but they were few and far between and hardly ever on a weekend. I fondly recall the Saturday I was digging in the mud to save the plants I had bought from dying a slow death in the garage. And then presto, the rain was gone an the sun appeared for more than one day in a row! It was summer at last! That was mid-August. A few paltry weeks later and the temperature took a dangerous dip.

This morning I left the house for work, lulled into a false security by a few pleasantly warm days, only to be hit by a cool breeze on my bare arms. Maybe it’s a good thing that I never got to pack those sweaters away, but I still want to know . . . where did my summer go?


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